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I am an email designer/devloper who loves digging into email metrics to help make every email program the best it can be. I am 100% an #emailgeek. I have been coding and designing emails for over 8 years, but most recently I have been using my experience to help build and run A/B tests throughout Litmus' email program and blog to maximize the impact of email and content. Currently I work for Litmus as a Email and Content Growth Marketing Manager in the Marketing Department.

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I speak the language of email: html, css, velocity script, liquid script, and all the other quirky code needed for email development. Combining these I am able to bring my designs to life across all email clients. Using a robust Email Design System I created myself I build emails quickly while keeping the code as clean and organized as Marie Kondo's linen closet.

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Using a data driven approach, I find points in the users email journey to optimize. With my coding background, I help bring interactive and personalization elements to the email user journey to make sure that every email keeps the subscriber front of mind to help increase key marketing metrics.

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