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i code

I am a front end designer - that's a designer who can code... or a code monkey who can design, depending on how you want to look at it. I have over 7 years of experience. Currently I work for Internet Brands as a Web Designer/Developer in the marketing department to create landing pages and html emails across three brands and 13 markets.

i design




I speak the language of the web: html, css, and javascript. Combining these I am able to bring my designs to life. Using sass I'm able to keep my css as clean and organized as Martha Stewart's linen closet. Additionally, I have harnessed the power of Wordpress in several of my designs to create websites with a user friendly cms that allows my clients to manage their own webpage after the design is complete.

i create

Using a critical eye and a mind towards user experience I create stunning designs in Photoshop from wireframes (sometimes created in Balsamiq). Additionally, I draw on the power of the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite to create remarkable elements as needed.

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